Now also in Greece
the revolutionary product
Plasti dip!

Plasti dip is liquid rubber in spray form but also in liquid form. Its uses are endless. Seals, insulates, gives color and protects the car and motorcycle. It is anti-slip and surface reinforcing, cable and pipe insulator. It protects against corrosion, provides a dielectric coating and has many more applications!

We offer you the new revolutionary Plasti dip product at the lowest prices on the market

Plasti dip products, thanks to their special composition, protect against alkalis, acids, salts, moisture, friction and most chemicals and offer a dielectric coating

They are available either in liquid form, which can be applied with a brush or spray gun, in various sizes or in a 400ml spray

Plasti dip metalizer and glossifier
and spray on already
painted matte surface

Spray (simple matte colors)

We offer you plasti dip products at the lowest prices on the market!
The American company plasti dip international offers guaranteed quality! Beware of imitations!!!
Buy genuine products from us Performix Plasti Dip.

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