If applied correctly it will last up to 3 years without needing to be refreshed. It is very durable and does not lose its consistency. The distance of spraying as well as the number of layers to be applied greatly affect the life of the product. After 3 years or as long as desired, a new renewal layer can be applied.

Plasti dip® is extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions such as intense heat that causes fading, ice in winter, extreme cold, salt, etc. Many of our customers use Plasti dip® on their rims and cars specifically to protect the factory paint during the winter season.

Plasti dip® withstands from -34 degrees Celsius to +93 degrees Celsius. Plasti dip® painted rims have tremendous resistance to the high temperature and stress caused during motor racing.
Yes. Plasti dip® peels off like a sticker. We always recommend at least 6 good “hands” not only for its durability but also to be sure that it will come off, when we want it, in large pieces. You can see related videos. It retains this ability even after a long period of time (8-12 months), it just can become more durable and come out in slightly smaller pieces.
We always recommend 4-5 good “hands” when it comes to small surfaces. If it is a car we recommend at least 6 good “hands”. In areas with low temperatures in winter it would be good to apply 1 more layer.
We must wash the surfaces well so that there are no oils, grease, cleaning residues and general dirt that can affect its application. Also very good drying to make sure no moisture gets trapped underneath.

Although Plasti dip® applies and behaves exactly the same in the majority of applications, there are special cases where it does not react as expected. The age of the car, the condition of the paint, the non-professional application of paint on the surface, etc. are all potential factors that can affect how Plasti dip® applies, peels off, or even the degree of coverage on the surface it is applied to. Although most users will have a predictable and trouble-free application of Plasti dip® we recommend that you always do a small patch test before starting.

Plasti dip® has been applied to a car for many years and no case of damage has been recorded. Plasti dip® has been applied to a car for many years and no case of damage has been recorded. Although no damage to the car’s paint has been reported, we recommend that it be applied to a small area first on the car before the entire car is painted. Run longer tests on cars that have been repainted with regular car paint. Each paint has different ingredients and Plasti dip® cannot guarantee the exact same result.

All surfaces painted with Plasti dip® can be easily washed with ordinary soap.

Of course! We have many customers who use the original clear Plasti dip® as a protective film and it works great!

Yes. Glossifier peels off just like Plasti dip®. The same goes for metalizers.

Yes. The glossifier can be sprayed onto such surfaces giving them a glossy appearance. We can then very easily peel it off!

We usually recommend a distance of 10-15 cm.

Plasti dip® is extremely resistant to winter conditions such as extreme cold, ice, salt, etc. Many customers paint their rims and cars with Plasti dip® specifically to protect the factory paint during the winter.

Yes. In all available Plasti dip® colors.

Of course! We have customers all over the country spraying Plasti dip® with all kinds of paint guns.

Yes. Many customers have painted an entire black car with white Plasti dip®. It just needs more hardware. At least 12 liters in total. Better to have a little extra material than none at all.

12 liters is usually enough to paint a medium sized car. However, if you are painting an entire car with Plasti dip® for the first time or if you are using light colors (white, orange, yellow, etc.), we recommend 2-3 liters more.

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